YouTube Ads

YouTube is the second most-visited website after Google and reaches more 18-49 year-old. According to 78% of studies, YouTube delivers a higher return on investment (ROI) than TV commercials.

Even if your business has the fastest and most impressive website and uses search engine optimization (SEO) and advertising campaign (PPC), there is still one platform that can give advantages: YouTube Ads.

What are the advantages of YouTube Ads?

It is cost effective

If you are familiar with PPC advertising, you know that it is an extremely cost-effective strategy. If you are not familiar with PPC advertising, you can easily understand why it is profitable: you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

By this way you can choose the amount you are willing to pay when someone clicks. So you won't overspend on PPC ads and you won't waste money on ad space.

The relationship between PPC ads and YouTube ads is that YouTube Ads follows a PPC model that works the same way, which makes it cost-effective.

It is targeted

Detailed targeting is especially important for a successful campaign. YouTube Ads allows you to be extremely detailed when it comes to targeting the audience you want to reach. You can target your audience based on demographics (location, age, gender), topics of interest, life events (getting married, moving, having a child), relevant audience who looking for your products or services.

Generally, YouTube's targeting options allow you to target a highly specific group of users or more general groups about the type of products and services you want to promote.

It helps you connect with your audience

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand words and up to seven emotions. Most people report being more connected to a brand when they watch an ad. This happens because they connect with the people who represent the brand and better understand their attitude as a company, as they watch how a product or service works. Thus, a video is the most powerful advertising, which combines image, sound, maybe even text and can call up some emotion.

Easy to measure

A campaign's performance can help you improve it. If you're not measuring the success of an advertising campaign, then you're wasting your time running it.

To monitor the performance of YouTube Ads simply click on the “Analytics” category in your YouTube account and you will learn more about your viewers and the performance of each video.

It gives you fast results

YouTube has over two million users and this is an easy way to see why you will get results so quickly. Showing your ads to more people means you'll get more ad clicks, website traffic, and sales.

Therefore, a big audience also guarantees more users interested in your business brand, since your ads will continue to be shown to more people than other methods, unless you have two million email subscribers or two million Facebook followers.

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