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Privacy Policy

The website www.standard-data.gr.gr has an integrated code on Google Analytics, according to which, during your visit, specific data such as the date of the visit, the time you stayed on the website, the page where the visit done etc always in accordance with the Google SA Privacy Policy. These data can't in any case lead to finding the user, and their unique purpose is to improve the quality and content of our website www.standard-data.gr.

​Your personal data is saved ONLY if you voluntarily enter it in corresponding fields, which may be requested of you (e.g. when signing up for our informative email). Standard-data.gr isn't going to disclose to third parties, except as provided by law or the competent authorities, personal data that concern you and identify you, such as e.g. your name, date of birth, postal code or email address, and which may have been sent by you electronically, as the use of this data is limited to the management of any request submitted on your behalf.

These data are kept for statistical purposes, for better functioning of the website and for communication purposes. In any case and in accordance with the current legislation (law 2472/1997 and law 3471/2006) "On the Protection of Individuals from the Processing of Personal Data" as applicable, you retain the right to access, object to modification, correction and removal of any of your personal data registered in our system, by submitting a simple request to info@standard-data.gr.

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