Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads is a social media marketing strategy where paying for a post or content production has as result the increasing brand awareness of a business and its potential customers.

When done right, the benefits outweigh the paying cost of advertising.

By Instagram Ads, you can increase the traffic to your website and the brand awareness, because Instagram offers tools to make the posts impressive and attractive to the audience. You can display the audiovisual material by images and videos.

Learn more about how Instagram Ads can benefit your business:

Advanced targeting

As Instagram and so Facebook allows you to target the right audience based on location, behavior, interests and age. With these advanced targeting options you can target the audience that is likely to buy your products.

Increase brand awareness

Instagram plays an important role for many businesses when it comes to increasing their brand awareness. In addition to advertising, you can use the power of your audience by using organic growth to stay connected with them.

For example, through a high-quality content you can get customers who will buy your products. Once they buy from your e-shop, you can share their thoughts with a review of your products and reach more customers.

Increase sales

You can use Instagram and encourage your customers to buy your products, without leaving from your account, or lead them to your website with a link. 

Advertising costs

There is no average cost of advertising on Instagram, as it depends on a number of factors such as location, market competitiveness and your audience targeting.

You can start with a very small budget to test the type of ad that works for your business, so you can increase your ad cost.

Monitor ad performance

Knowing whether your ad is performing is very important to focus on whether you should keep or change your ad. You can analyze results based on the user's device, age, gender and other characteristics.

Instagram advertising allows you to control ROI, cost per result and link clicks. In this way, this data will help you measure the effectiveness of a campaign in relation to costs.

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