Facebook Ads

Have you ever wondered if the ads you often see on Facebook are really effective, even if they may seem annoying to someone? In fact, the benefits you can get for your business through Facebook Ads are many.

How could you take advantage of it in the right way to see real results?

Powerful Analytics

Facebook provides accurate reporting and analytics about your ads. You'll never have to make assumptions about whether or not your ad works. You are provided with reports on your reach, posts, likes and which posts are performing best. You also get information about your clicks, conversions and sales. Facebook gives you so much power in term to tracking your ads.

Target a precise audience

You can target based on interests, behaviors, demographics, age, location, major life events, recent purchases and language.

These features are the key to success for your business, as you can target exactly the audience you care about so that you don't waste your money. Quality is more important than audience size, as a conversion to the right customer is better than targeting a big audience with no conversions at all.

Better results than organic posts

If you manage a website then you should know that only a small portion of your followers see your post. Over the past two years, Facebook has reduced the view of business pages in the News Feed.

So, if you want the potential customers know about your business on Facebook you should use Facebook Ads.

Advertising is an investment, not a spending, and if proper targeting is created, the results will justify you.

Emphasis on proper targeting

By targeting only the audience you want, you will paying out a small amount of money and finally, making money with ad.

You can easily find your customers

Once you find the right audience you can get people who "look like" your customers. It enables you to find more people who are more likely to buy from you or be interested in your service.

People are always on social media

You can't meet Facebook. It's everywhere. Your business should have a business page on Facebook, because that's where your customers are. Τhe 69% of adults have a Facebook account. The average human uses Facebook for an hour each day, increasing the chance that your business will be seen and interacted if they are interested in your product or service.

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